Godhan Puja in Varanasi

At the Emergency time of Corona, Conduct Pitru Rituals in Kashi

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According to the Vedas and Scriptures, it is being said that among all forms of life, human birth is the best. Furthermore, worshipping cow is considered as the most sacred ritual in the life of a human being. So, you can perform Godhan Puja in Varanasi with the best pandits in varanasi

The sight of a cow is regarded as sacred and its milk is nectar (amrita). In fact, in terms of respect, the cow is at par with the status of a mother. Rearing and nourishing a cow means nourishing and protecting Mother Goddess Herself! All the deities (Devatas) reside subtly within the body of the cow.

The cow is said to have descended directly from Vaikunṭha (abode of Lord Maha Vishnu). The deed of giving away such a cow in charity is considered extremely meritorious. Giving away a cow together with its calf or the fodder of a cow for just one-day, showers limitless merit (Punya). 

Godanam is also considered an important ritual in Pitrukaryas, as it a part of dasadanam, in which a cow and calf are given away to the Brahmin. It helps the deceased soul to attain a peaceful journey after-life. Tirth Kshetra Purohit has been providing Telugu Pandits in Varanasi for ages and along with providing services for various Puja’s, we also provide Pandit for Godhan puja in Kashi. Our Pandits are experienced and this is the reason why most of the people prefer taking our services of Pandit for Godhan in Varanasi.

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