Lakshavatti Nomulu in Varanasi

Lakshavatti Nomulu

Laksha vattula nomu is a Puja which can be performed at any time of the year. However, this Puja is specially performed during the month of Kartika. There is an illustration about this Puja in Vishnu and Brahmanda Purana. This Puja is done to worship lord Lakshminarayana. Both married women and widows are equally eligible to perform this Puja.  The Puja can also be performed by the couple who vowed to perform it.  In this Puja, the women are supposed to observe fast and chant the holy name of Lord Lakshminarayana. They have to prepare 1 lakh cotton wicks (100 wicks in one roll) for the Puja by themselves or taking others help. 

This Puja is performed to receive blessings from the god, long life of husband and to cleanse the sins committed during the menstrual cycle of women. Tirth Kshetra Purohit provides purohit services in Varanasi for various religious activities including provision of Pandit for Laksha Vattula Nomu in Varanasi.

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