Abdikam in Varanasi

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Abdikam is a Shradh performed around the 1st death anniversary of the deceased. It is three days ceremony concerning various rituals of Unabdikam, Samvatsaravimoka, and Abdikam and is performed under the guidance of the best Pandit for Abdikam in Varanasi.

Unabdikam is a Shradh performed two days before Abdikam.

Samvatsrikam or Samvatsaravimoka is the Shradh performed one day before Abdikam.

Abdikam is performed on the tithi of departure. Tirth Kshetra Purohit has been delivering pandit services in Varanasi since a really long time and we ensure the provision of best purohit for Abdikam in Varanasi. 

Thus, all the sixteen Masikams with Abdikam in Varanasi should be performed. These all are eternal duties which should not be omitted. 

After performing these Sraddhams, Pratisamvatsarikam should also be performed in each year. In case, if someone is not capable to perform all these Sraddhams due to some unavoidable conditions or incapability, he can then perform at least three Sraddhams from the day of Unabdikam to Abdikam. He has to include all omitted Sraddham on the day of Unabdikam. In addition, you can also perform Masikam in Varanasi which is also considered as a part of Shradh. 

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