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Varanasi holds special significance in the hearts of Hindus, where people have been performing different kinds of rituals in this holy place since centuries. The Varanasi city is famous for being the center for attaining “moksha” or salvation. The city of Varanasi is the older holy place in India. From all over the country the hundreds and thousands of pilgrims come to Varanasi to perform all rituals and to take the dip in the holy river Ganga. The Ganga river is considered as a symbol of purification by taking a dip in it to attain purification of body and soul. The Purohit in Varanasi who keeps the depth knowledge about all rituals they tell all significance about the specific rituals. Tirth Kshetra Purohit is one of the ultimate choices of  Purohit services in Varanasi.  

There are several kinds of  reasons behind the rituals in Varanasi and let’s get in details “why Varanasi is considered a holy place in India, especially to perform rituals?’. Varanasi has a special sanctity, it is believed that the Hindu God, Lord Shiva is popular as Vishwanath who is the creator, protector of the universe. And his wife Parvathi is revered as goddess Annapurna Devi  in Varanasi. Varanasi is the place of Lord Shiva. Here, the old thing which is very important like Banarasi saree is the specialty of the Varanasi. For the industrial purpose also it is the centre of muslin and silk fabrics, perfumes, ivory works, and sculpture, etc. it is also famous for the best Purohit in Varanasi who are very excellent and knowledgeable about all types of Pooja in Varanasi.

The main reason for the popularity of Varanasi is Lord Shiva. Varanasi is also called the city of Shiva and Ganga. It is simultaneously the city of Ghats, music, temples, centre for the moksha. To perform the rituals in Varanasi, we need to know the proper mantra and way to perform the worship of God. Tirth Kshetra Purohit is one of the best pandit service providers, where you can get the best Pandit for Pooja in Varanasi. They provide the services for all kinds of rituals in Varanasi such as Pandits for Pind Daan in Varanasi, Pandits for Asthi Visarjan, Pandits for Devakaryas in Varanasi. so let’s know the details of all types of rituals in Varanasi and its specific significance.

1. Pind Daan in Varanasi

Importance of Pind Daan

In Hinduism, Pind Daan is one of the most important rituals. The meaning of the Pind Daan, a way to show love and respect for the departed soul. This ritual is conducted after the Cremation of an individual. Performing the Pind Daan in Varanasi is one of the most spiritual and important responsibilities for every person once in a life. It is considered to be the most needed and mandatory ritual of the entire life cycle for the Hindu religion. The pandits for Pind Daan in Varanasi provide guidance and it is considered as these rituals are done in order to lead the departed soul to the path of salvation.

Types of Pind Daan 

Furthermore, we think that why Pind Daan is important to perform? From the beginning, it is considered in Hinduism that the holy river Ganga purifies the departed soul so that it can ultimately attain salvation. So Pind Daan in Varanasi helps to get the Mukti from the Hindu cycle of deaths and next birth. The three types of Rin which are complete works on the basis of the religious and Vedas Granth are required to be fulfilled in a proper way.

  • Pitra Rin.
  • Rishi Rin
  • Dev Rin.

Relevant day to perform Pind Daan

The relevant time to perform Pind Daan is considered to be in the Amavasya during the Krishna Paksha.

2. Shradh in Varanasi

Meaning of the Shraddh

Shraddh is a Sanskrit word that literally means any act that is performed with all love, respect, sincerity, and faith. This is also a way to show love and faith to one’s ancestors, especially to one’s dead parents. While people perform the Shradh in Varanasi, they are very focused about expressing heartfelt gratitude and thanks towards their parents. 

Importance of Shradh

The pandit for Shradh pooja in Varanasi explains all significance about the Shradh, from the beginning it is believed that in the Hindu mythology that the soul wanders in different worlds after death. And the details of these great rituals are given in Puran. In every Puran like Agni Puran, Vayu Puran, Garuda Puran, etc., you can get all the details. This is the way to repay your debts towards ancestors.

Relevant day to perform the Shradh

To perform the Shradh the most significant time is Pitru Paksha. The best pandit for Asthi Visarjan in Varanasi provides the exact date and timing to perform this ritual.

3. Asthi Visarjan in Varanasi

Meaning of the Asthi Visarjan

Asthi Visarjan means submerging the remains after a funeral. Asthi Visarjan is one of the very important religious rituals in the Hindu religion. The specific meaning of the Asthi is leftover bones and some ashes of a dead person collected after performing the last rites. It is considered that immersion of the ashes or bones in the river Ganga is most sacred. The Pandits for Asthi Visarjan in Varanasi perform this ritual with the proper mantra and slokas.

Asthi Visarjan is one of the most mandatory religious processes in the Hindu religion. As we know, Asthi means the leftover ashes after a person’s death. And these remaining ashes are collected in a piece of cloth and at the end flown in the Ganga river. This is very important to perform because in the Hindu religion, after the death of a person the karma of the previous birth decides where the soul will go next. 

Relevant day to perform the Asthi Visarjan

From the Hindu religion the ritual of the Asthi Visarjan should be performed on the 3rd Day after death. The Pandit in Varanasi explains the timing which is suitable for the rituals. So with the help of them, you can perform all rituals in a proper way.

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