Why Ganesha Homam?

Ganapati Homam in Varanasi will curb all the impediments that come on your way to success. This powerful Ganapathi Pooja in Varanasi will bring in luck and prosperity for you. You will be flooded with happiness and success all around! 

Tirth Kshetra Purohit has been providing Pandit for Ganapathi Homam in Varanasi for a really long time with experienced Pandits to perform all the rituals in kashi properly. 

Ganesha Homam and the Deity: –

Lord Ganesha is the chief deity of this powerful Ganapati Havan. He is considered to be the ‘God of Luck’ and he blesses his beloved devotees with smooth success by dealing with obstacles in all their endeavors!

Speciality of Ganapathi Pooja in Varanasi: –

Before beginning any new venture or anything afresh, Ganesha Homam (Ganapathi pooja) is recommended to keep away from obstacles. However, Ganapati Homam in Varanasi energizes your potential to achieve victory. If you suffer from losses, long to start a new business or invest in a good career; Ganapati Homam is the apt solution to choose.

And to perform this Homam, a sacred ritual in kashi, you must take the best Pandit for Ganapathi havan, which Tirth Kshetra Purohit has been delivering since ages in Varanasi.

Recommended Timings for Ganesha Homam: –

The Chaturthi Tithi is the most recommended Tithi for performing Ganesha Homam.

Mantra for Ganesha Homam:

Om Glam Glaum Gam Ganapataye”

Benefits of Ganapati Homam in Varanasi:

  • Mainly performed to attain the desired or planned objectives.
  • Ganesha Homam in Varanasi prospers the lives of:
  • Businessmen who aim for success in their new business and ventures.
  •  People who suffer from losses.
  • Investors who invest in a new venture 

INR Rs. 5,000/-

Homam Services

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