Why Lakshmi Narayana Homam?

Gain materialistic wealth in abundance by performing Lakshmi Narayana Homam in Varanasi. Goddess Lakshmi/Laxmi is the consort of Lord Vishnu/(Narayana), who also ensures his beloved devotees with abundant wealth and prosperity. When you yearn to overcome debts, financial difficulties and relationship issues, call upon the Gods of riches and assets. To perform this amazing Laxmi Narayana Homam in Varanasi, you must hire the best Pandit for Lakshmi Narayana Homam in Kashi from Tirth Kshetra Purohit. You can book pandits for Mahalakshmi homam in varanasiand perform puja religiously with sacred mantras and slokas.

Laxmi Narayana Homam in Varanasi and the Deity: –

Lord Narayana (Vishnu) and his consort Goddess Lakshmi are the chief deities of this powerful Homam in Varanasi. You will feel empowered in terms of riches and prosperity.

Speciality of Laxmi Narayana Havan in Varanasi: –

Goddess Lakshmi/Laxmi is the embodiment of wealth, whereas, Lord Narayana/Vishnu is the savior of the world. While the Goddess Lakshmi grants Wealth and also boons you with  prosperity, good luck, material abundance, harmony, and spiritual prosperity; where as Lord Narayana/Vishnu will protect your riches and save you from unexpected financial obstacles!

To obtain the proper results you must perform the Homam under the guidance of the best Pandit for Lakshmi Narayana Havan in Varanasi, which you will get from Tirth Kshetra Purohit. In addition, you can get to know about varanasi rituals and book pandit for puja in varanasi to conduct various rituals and poojas

Recommended Timings for Lakshmi Narayana Homam: 

The Pournami Tithis are the most significant and recommended Tithis for performing Lakshmi Narayana Homam/Havan. 

Lakshmi Narayana Mantra:

“Om Shreem Kleem Lakshmi Narayana Namaha”

Benefits of Lakshmi Narayana Homam: –

  • Relief from financial sufferings.
  • A boon for Riches.
  • An escape from financial threats.
  • Success in all your endeavors.
  • Attaining material blessings.

Lakshmi Narayana Homam prospers the lives of:

  • The financially disabled.
  • People who suffer from relationship issues.
  • People who yearn for riches and assets.
  • Professionals who aim for multitasking abilities.
  • People who want to recover from financial struggles.
  • People who yearn for protection from financial hurdles in the life to come.

Performing this Homam with the best Pandit for Lakshmi Narayana Homam in Kashi (Varanasi), once a year, bestows you with the power and supremacy to fulfill and accomplish financial success all through your life.

INR Rs. 21,000/-

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