To seek the blessings from the three Devtas – Veda Matha Sri Gayathri Devi, Bhagavan Parameswara who is the father of the universe, Sri Devi Durga who is the mother of the universe – this special Homam in Varanasi is performed. Sathakshari mantra comprising 100 letters (the 100 lettered Saraswathy Manthra) is a prayer to these trios. The eternal is worshipped in the form of Thrayambaka Sadasiva and Santhi Durga Parameswari. Sathakshari Homam in Varanasi is performed on special occasions under the guidance of an experienced Pandit for Sathakshari Homam in Varanasi, like the: birthday, just before major operations to relief from acute pain, Migraine, etc. The offerings are Sandalwood twigs, Red Sandal Wood twigs, Boiled raw rice with ghee, Aravana Pyasam, Curd rice, honey, Thri moolm (jeera, Black Pepper, and Indhuppu), Athi chamatha, ithi chamatha, Peraal chamatha, Chitt amrutu, Kusham, Panchamrutham. Also, Bhuvaneshwari Homam in Varanasi is performed by many pilgrims as Goddess Bhuvaneshwari is know to bless you with peace and successful life.

INR Rs. 11,000/-

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