In order to regain the missed or theft things, people perform Sri KarthyaVeeryarjuna Homam in Varanasi with the best purohit services in Kashi or varanasi.
Procedure: –
If you want to perform this sacred havan with the best Pandit for Sri KarthyaVeeryarjuna Pooja in Varanasi, you require some holy items. Furthermore, materials used to perform Sri KarthyaVeeryarjuna Homam in Varanasi are:

  • Ghritha (Ghee)
  • Apamarga Samithu
  • Thila (Gingelly)
  • Sarshapa (Mustard)
  • Panchakavyam Thandula (raw rice)
  • Payasa (Milk porridge)
  • Ajya (Ghee)

You can complete this pooja with Sri KarthaVeeryarjuna Mantra and offer each item 126 times leading to a total of 1008 offerings. Based on affordability, the dhravyas could be decreased. Karthaveeryarjuna Mantra will be chanted during the Homam under the guidance of the best Pandit for Sri Karthaveeryaarjuna Homam

In addition, there are many homams in Varanasi which helps you in getting rid of failures and negative forces around you. So, get to know about various Homams in Kashi and perform them with the best Telugu Pandits in Varanasi.

INR Rs. 11,000/-

Homam Services

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