Pind Daan is a sacred ritual which is performed after the death of a person and it is the only process to attain mukthi from the cycle of rebirth & death. Hindus believe that Gaya pind daan is a must ritual that is accomplished after the death of their loved ones. For Hindus, Gaya Pind daan is considered to be the most vital & mandatory ritual to free the deceased souls. This ritual is aimed to ease the journey of the soul towards final salvation and it is also believed that if pind daan is performed, the soul need not fall again into the cycle of rebirth. Some of these rituals and ceremonies will usher blessings, happiness, good fortune on the living family.

After death, the soul will have the materialistic inclinations towards its relatives, possessions & for him or her, it becomes very difficult to leave the earth. the soul wanders around unhappy & unsatisfied and trying to achieve the feelings, which could not be possible for his/her in this form. Hence, by performing pind daan in Varanasi or any other holy places, will help in freeing them from attachments of the materialistic world and enlighten’s soul & leads towards moksha. 

According to Hindu culture, Gaya Pind daan can be performed in any of the holy rivers. But doing pind daan in Varanasi is considered to be more sacred, due to the spiritual significance of this city. Based on ancient scriptures, a boon has been given to the Varanasi by the lord shiva, it is like whoever performs pind daan in Kashi their sins will be washed off & they will attain mukthi & not fall into the cycle of rebirth. And there are some other places where we can do pind daan such as Haridwar, Badrinath, Allahabad Sangam, Jagannath puri & doing pind daan in Gaya is also one of the most prominent ones.  

Pind daan involves the offering of pinds, including pooja along the banks of sacred Ganges River. Performing pind daan in Kashi/ Ganga will purify the deceased soul & could ultimately attain salvation. Carrying out pind daan in Kashi/pind daan in Gaya assists in liberating your departed loved one’s spirit or Atma from this cycle. This one also helps in transferring the soul from Pretlok, it is the spirit world where the human soul goes first after the death and undergoes with lots of suffering. Coming to Pitralok, it is the designated world of ancestors, where the soul attains peace. 

The procedure of Gaya pind daan is divided into three major categories of Rin, which is based on the Vedas & scriptures the religious processes that are needed to be fulfilled. And they are:

  • PitraRin
  • DevRin 
  • RishiRin

PitraRin is a karmic debt acquired from the ancestors, which has to be paid by any one of the family. As we enjoy the name, fame, and wealth that is earned by them, eventually we are equally indebted to them and this is known as PitraRin 

DevRin refers to debt towards the deities. Different deities provide the basic necessities of life like water, food, air which are essential for living a material life. We donate items of sustenance to absolve ourselves from this Rin.

RishiRin includes procedures like sevasatkar & Daan.

Always perform pind daan in Kashi or any other Varanasi Death rituals under the guidance of expert pandits in Varanasi. Get the help from our scholar Gaya pind daan pandits, who can understand your requirements & perform all the rituals in Kashi properly by following all the religious procedures. 

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