Homam is a Sanskrit word that refers or define a ritual, Homams is also known as sacrifice ritual. The religious offerings made into the fire, including those that are material and symbolic such as Grains, curd, Honey, Oil, Milk incense and seeds. Homam rituals are also known by alternative names such as Yojana, Goma, Homa or Havan. Pandit for Homams is required, Homam ritual is common to many ceremonies in various Hindu traditions such as a wedding, Pooja ceremonies, house warming. There are several places that are famous for traditional and rituals, Varanasi, Gaya, etc. All kinds of puja in Varanasi is very famous.

What is Homam and why we do this.

Homam is also called Homa, this is basically a sacrifice ritual where we offer some symbolic things to fire means that lord Agni. We all are human beings and people also make mistakes as well unknowingly, in Hindu religious it believed that mistakes made in past lives are considered as sins in the present life. Sins make your life filled with suffering, lots of pain.so according to the Hindu religion, people who perform the Homam, makes so relief, feel free from all negative energy and life will seek blessings from God. However, it is very important to perform Homam proper manner with the proper mantra. You can get the Homam Pooja services in Varanasi. An experienced purohit for Homam in Varanasi are available. Trith Kshetra Purohit is very famous and they provide excellent pandits for homam in Varanasi. Sometimes, people strive hard to get success in examinations, business, and to get a job, for marriage, to get rid of all these problems, they perform havan or Pooja with the best homam pandits.

Types of Homam in Varanasi.

Homam is a traditional Hindu ritual that is also followed by Jains and Buddhists as a votive ritual.there are types of homam performed and each homam holds a great significance. The types of homam such as Ganpati Homam, Lakshmi Narayana Homam, Sarasvati Homam, Hanuman Homam, Lalitha Homam, Rudra Homam, Sri Gayatri Homam. All the types of Homam performed for the blessings of God and for the betterment in life.

When you perform Homam ritual with the best Homam Pooja services in Varanasi, there are certain things which you have to be more careful like Pooja material, mantra, etc.

Ganapati Homam:

Ganpati Homam in Varanasi will remove all the problems that come on your way to success. Ganpati Homam is a powerful Pooja which brings luck and prosperity in your life. It will make your life so positive. God Ganpati is considered to be the ‘God of Luck’ and his blessings bring happiness in life and great success. Tirth Kshetra purohit provides pandit for Ganapati Homam in Varanasi for a really long time with experienced pandits to perform all the rituals in Varanasi. Before beginning anything, Ganesha Homam or Ganesh Pooja, people always prefer to do this because it will keep away from obstacles and gives great success. Life will be filled with happiness and success. The Chaturthi Tithi is the most recommended Tithi for performing Ganesha Homam. For Ganesha Homam a specific Mantra, “Om Glam Glaum Gam Ganapataye”

Impact and benefits of Ganapati Homam in Varanasi.

  • Businessmen who aim for great success in their new business and ventures.
  • People who suffer from lots of problems and losses.
  • Investors who invest in a new business.
  • Mostly performed to achieve the desired or planned objectives.

Hanuman Homam in Varanasi.

Hanuman is also known as Maruti or Anjaneya, the divine bodyguard and most pious devotee of Rama and Sita. Lord Hanuman is considered as the spiritual power to solve all problems in human life. He is also considered as the divine protection and helps you to lead a hassle-free. people perform the Hanuman Homam in Varanasi to get the blessings and protection from the Lord Hanuman. Hanuman Homam is always performed under the guidance of experienced pandit in Varanasi. Lord Hanuman is very powerful in his form. He can also keep you away from the evil eye casting issues and the other evil powers that approach you.

Impact and Benefits of Hanuman Homam in Varanasi

Being the secured and protected human being in the world will be the first benefit you attain on sincerely and with proper Mantra, praying to Lord Hanuman after performing the Hanuman Homam at Varanasi. Hanuman Homam should be done with all the proper rituals and Mantra, under the guidance of experienced pandit in Varanasi. 

Lalitha Homam in Varanasi:

Lalitha Thripurasundari Devi Homam in Varanasi is performed for prosperity and to protect from fear. It is considered as the Tuesday and Friday are the auspicious days for this Homam. When people perform the Lalitha Thripurasundari puja with the best purohit in Varanasi, so they need to offer boiled rice, Ghee, Curd, Honey, and all puja material. Athi chamatha, ithi chamatha and peraal chamatha to the holy fire and chant the great Lalitha Sahasra-Name Mantra during this sacred puja. Tamil pandit in Varanasi is also available for Lalitha Homam. Goddess Lalitha keeps all the negative forces away from you and you will live a peaceful life. 

Impact and benefits of Lalitha Homam in Varanasi.

Goddess Lalitha Thripurasundari, protect you from fear and gives the wealth and success. She keeps away all the negative force from you. People feel so protective while performing the Lalitha Homam in Varanasi.

Lakshmi Narayana Homam in Varanasi:

Lakshmi Narayana gives us the materialistic(money-oriented) wealth. Goddess Laxmi is the consort of Lord Vishnu. Vishnu is also ensuring his beloved devotees with abundant wealth and prosperity. When people suffer from financial difficulties and relationship issues, they pray for the Laxmi Narayana. Which is God of riches and assets.  People hire pandit to perform the Laxmi Narayana Homam in Varanasi. For Laxmi Narayana Homam you can get the best pandit in Varanasi.

Impact and benefits from the Laxmi Naraya Homam.

  • Success in all your endeavors
  • Attaining material blessings 
  • Relief from the financial sufferings.

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